Winter Wedding Planning Tips

An image of a popular wedding venue in the winter, covered in snow.


Winter weddings can be truly magical, the backdrop of a crisp, frosty field, everyone huddled closely together for warmth and the addition of open fires, all add up to create a truly romantic scene that certainly makes for some stunning photos.

Of course, alongside the wonderful elements of a winter wedding come the practical elements, including the chill of the cold and the possible extra travel time. In the latest blog post from Verona Couture, we discuss a few winter wedding planning tips to ensure everything runs without a glitch on your big day.

Winter Wedding Accessories

There’s no getting around it, a winter wedding will be cold. Be prepared and invest in winter wedding accessories such as a cape, a faux fur stole or perhaps a chic, cropped cardigan. If you’d prefer not to cover up your dress, consider opting for a design with long sleeves.

If you’re likely to spend quite a bit of time outside, make sure to wear extra thick tights under your dress, even if it’s just for that part of the day, you can always ask a bridesmaid to help you take them off once you’re back in the warm.

Of course, it’s just as important to prepare your guests too! Consider adding a little reminder about the outside parts of the day on the invitation, or for smaller weddings, even set up a group conversation to help share tips!

Makeup Tips

The winter weather can really dry out our skin and the last thing you need on your wedding day is for your makeup to be caking due to dehydration. Be sure to treat your skin with products that complement your skin type and carry a mini lip balm in your clutch, or ask one of your bridesmaids to keep it handy for you.


The nights certainly draw in when winter arrives, so make sure that you take this into consideration at your wedding venue. You may consider decorating the venue with fairy lights, candles (real or pretend) or lanterns so you can avoid the need for the stark brightness of the main light in your venue.

Travel Time

If the weather is bad, you can almost guarantee that the traffic will be too. If you have two venues to attend on your wedding day, one for your ceremony and the other for your reception, take this extra travel time into consideration and ensure your guests are prepared too.

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