Why Rain on Your Wedding Day Is Actually a Good Thing

An image of a couple standing in the rain, underneath an umbrella on their wedding day.

If rain on your wedding day is your worst fear, keep reading. Quite typically, the UK summer time has seemingly only lasted for a few days and now the clouds have come rolling in and the heavens have opened. However, rain does not necessarily have to ruin your photos or dampen the mood of your big day.

Photo Opportunities

Rain on your wedding day makes for some amazing photography. We’re all well accustomed to seeing beautiful wedding photos of the happy couple bathed in sunlight, but photos captured in the rain hold a distinctive charm all of their own.

If the forecast for your wedding day shows rain, consider using several brightly coloured umbrellas in various tones to make for wonderfully colourful photos that demonstrate the joy and fun of your big day.

Transparent umbrellas or those that have been personalised to show the names of the wedding party will make for great photos that simply wouldn’t be possible without a little rain.

Stories to Tell

So you may have your wedding day planned to a T. However, something that no man has ever been able to control is the weather. When things don’t follow the rules of the most perfectly laid plans, you may find that you’ll end up with some fabulous stories to tell.

Although weddings demonstrate two people making a serious commitment to one another, they are also meant to be enjoyed. Trying to control every aspect of the day is only likely to end up in stress, so relax into it and you may find the rain brings with it a certain charm, not to mention fabulous stories of the time you and your entire guest list had to run inside and escape the rain.

Your Flowers Will Last Longer

In addition to the cute story of the time that people had to pair up and cuddle underneath their umbrellas, another good thing to come of rain on your wedding day is that your flowers and any perishables are likely to last a lot longer.

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