White Gallery

On Monday 16th May we took a trip to The White Gallery in Battersea, London to view the latest couture bridal collections. These are the collections that set a precedent for bridal fashion for the upcoming seasons and the trends we see here will filter down to the mainstream.

Here is a rundown of some of the trends we picked up on:



An image showing three women walking down a catwalk wearing colourful wedding dresses by Verona Couture in Northampton A women wearing a red wedding dress walking down a catwalk in Northampton A women walking down the catwalk wearing a black lace evening dress by Verona Couture

For a while now soft neutral tones have made an appearance, usually as a satin base under ivory lace, but big, bold colours and patterns made an appearance on the catwalk, throwing the traditional rulebook out the window.



An image showing a women wearing an alternative ruffled wedding dress walking down a catwalk by Verona Couture

Heavily beaded and sequined gowns were a big dazzling feature on the catwalk.


Plain Fabrics

An image showing three women standing on a catwalk wearing plain silk wedding dresses with belt detailing in Northampton.

By contrast, plain satin or crepe dresses are making a big appearance this season. Reverting back to basics, these plain gowns rely on the beautiful figure flattering cut to offer all the detail they need.



An image showing a women walking down a catwalk wearing a ruffled wedding dress in Northampton

Ruffles, fringing and even feathers all made appearances as alternatives to lace.



layers layerss

Layered fabrics. Tulle over satin was especially popular; the tulle helps to create volume to an A-line dress without making it heavy to wear.


Low/Daring Necklines

low neck

Really deep cleavage baring V’s with tulle illusion coverage were everywhere. Do you dare to go low?


Geometric Shaping


Clever Positioning of seams and beading can give the illusion of a proportionally great and fabulous figure. We love a bit of trickery!


See-Through Panels


Now, they’re not for everybody, but see-through panelling around the waist has been rearing its head for a while. But now it’s gone one step further and designers are experimenting with all things see-through, including a fully see-through skirt!




Sleeves are still very fashionable but not only lace sleeves, full-in sleeves are now making an appearance.


Last but not least…




This year’s show taught us one thing; go big or go home!

Whether that is with the biggest, most colourful, most beaded dress, or with a plain crepe dress with clever figure shaping construction – different is good, different is big, and different is most definitely WOW!