What you say goes!

Are you feeling really overwhelmed by the wedding preparations rules and regulations? All the little things that escalate into BIG decisions? ‘I don’t like veils but Mum really wants me to have one, shall I wear one just to please her?’ ‘I don’t want children at my wedding but I don’t want to offend anyone’ ‘I want pink but my bridesmaids want blue, shall I back down to keep the peace?’ Does that sound familiar? Well, we are here to let you know you are not on your own!
Our new blog serves to give you the answers to the questions whirring around in your head. We get asked many weird and wonderful things in the shop on a daily basis so we’ll be releasing new blogs regularly to address some of these issues.

So let’s get started with one of the things we hear only too often – ‘I love it, it’s definitely The One! I just need to get my Maid of Honour/Mother-In-Law-to-be/next-door neighbours cat to come and see it for their approval before I commit’ – guess what ladies? YOU are the only one who will be wearing YOUR dress on YOUR wedding day so YOURS is the only opinion that counts. When you go wedding dress shopping there is one big rule to remember; keep your entourage small. We see brides with groups of 5 or 6 whose opinion gets clouded, or worse still, whose voice gets lost in a room of big voices and even bigger opinions. In these circumstances one of two things happen, either the bride doesn’t find a dress, or she gets a dress she likes but doesn’t love.

If you need to bring your Maid of Honour, or your future Mother-In-Law, or your Auntie, or Nan back in to see the dress for your own peace of mind that’s ok, make that second appointment (any excuse to try the dress on again right?), but make sure you prepare them first and tell them that this is the dress you love. Usually at a first appointment a bride will have an idea of the dress she wants and by the end of the appointment 9 times out of 10 she will end up with the complete opposite. Anyone who hasn’t been to the first appointment with you won’t have seen that process so will be stuck on square one expecting you to walk out in one dress and you’ve shocked them by walking out in another. Often this is the most difficult thing for them to get their head around so their reaction isn’t one you were expecting or even hoping for.

A word of warning to bear in mind – one of the main regrets we hear from brides as their wedding fast approaches is that they won’t have that big reveal on their wedding day as they walk down the aisle drinking in their guests faces aghast at the site of the beautiful bride in all her splendour, because they have all seen her dress already at appointments or fittings when the sample was too big and the hem needed taking up.

Think carefully before you start shopping; who do you want to see your dress before the big day? Whose opinion do you really value? And whose opinion could you really do without? Don’t be afraid of offending anyone by not inviting them to your appointments, you’re the bride, wear that badge with pride, what you say goes. Whoever you decide you do want to be with you when you choose your wedding dress make sure they are with you from day one and totally on board with your vision. And remember, if you didn’t need their approval on the groom you certainly don’t need their approval on the dress!