What Next?

We often get asked ‘what do I do with my dress after our wedding?’ Well, there is no right answer to that question, but here are some of the things we can suggest:

Traditionally, your wedding dress would be used to create a Christening gown for your children. However, if the thought of cutting your gown up fills you with dread (even if it is for your little cherubs) maybe preserving it is the answer.

To preserve your gown for many years to come bring it back into us at Verona Couture and we can arrange for our Wedding Dress Specialist Dry Cleaner to dry clean it for you. We can then wrap it for you in acid-free tissue paper and box it in a keepsake box for easy storage. Preserving your dress like this means you are able to get your dress out in years to come, try it on on your anniversary, or even show the grandchildren!

Alternatively, if you would prefer your gown to go to good use here are some great organisations to bear in mind:


  • Cherished Gowns UK provide families of babies who are stillborn or died shortly after birth with funeral gowns made from donated wedding dresses.


  • Ethical Weddings send donated wedding dresses to Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Libya, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Malawi where they are rented at affordable prices to raise funds for local charities.


  • Your local charity shop would be only too glad to receive your wedding dress, many of whom now have bridal departments due to the high demand.


Whatever you choose to do with your dress make sure it is the right decision for you!