Wedding Planning Tips for a Stress Free Wedding

An image of a happy couple wearing comfortable wedding shoes, having a stress free wedding.

If you’ve recently got engaged, figuring out where to start in the whirlwind that is wedding planning may be overwhelming. However, believe it or not, there are a few simple tips you can follow that will make the world of difference, and may even grant you the gift of a stress-free wedding. So let’s talk tips!

Planning ahead will help you immensely, but somehow it’s likely that you’ll still end up with lots of little questions to answer and details to finalise a week before the big day. To prevent having a list as long as your arm, try to avoid putting something on the checklist which could easily be sorted today. Eventually, all of those little things stack up to a very time-consuming last-minute list.

If you work, consider what days you will need off in advance. Although it’s very handy to take the two days before your wedding off for things such as nail appointments, it’s also handy to have a long weekend the week before your wedding. It can be difficult to plan a wedding around a full-time job, with only the weekends to really put things in motion. It will also become difficult to concentrate if you know that you still have a lot of things to do with only a week to go, so use this time to ensure any DIY favours and props or decorations are fully prepared.

Just because your wedding day etches nearer, it doesn’t mean that all of the other daily chores that you have to do suddenly disappear (unfortunately). Whether you’re embarking on your honeymoon straight after the wedding ceremony or you’re going back to your own home, you most certainly don’t want your wedding bubble to be burst by mundane chores like the washing up or laundry. A few days prior to the wedding, make sure you’re on top of everything. If you feel really pressed for time, you could enlist the help of a close family member, or even outsource these chores to a local, professional house cleaner.

Your bridal party are on hand to help you, so make sure that all of your guests are aware which bridesmaid they can go to with any last minute problems. This way, you will relieve yourself of any unnecessary stress and help yourself along the way to a stress-free wedding.

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