Wedding Locations: The Advantages and Disadvantages

An image showing a happy couple sitting on a wooden benech looking at their wedding locations

Planning your wedding does not come without making a variety of decisions, some of them more difficult than others.

During your search, you’re likely to have found that there are a wide variety of wedding locations to choose from, all of them with their own advantages. However, considering the fact that your wedding venue can often be the most expensive part of your big day, it is important that you and your partner feel comfortable and happy with the setting you have chosen.

We have put together a list of the most popular wedding locations and their respective advantages and disadvantages, to help you create your perfect wedding day.

Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Not only can you choose the amount of guests you invite without the restrictions that often come with indoor venues, you are also entirely in charge of all suppliers you hire, as well as free to decorate the outdoor space just as you wish. The level of control you have over the aesthetic elements of an outdoor wedding can help you and your partner create a truly personal experience, as well as a unique setting for your guests to enjoy as the day continues.

On the other hand, with outdoor weddings you are of course entirely at the mercy of the weather. With the Great British weather in mind, you may also need to consider aspects such as lighting that is suitable for outdoor use, heating, and appropriate flooring to cover muddy patches or holes in the ground. These extra considerations may mean more organisation for you and your partner to complete before your wedding day, so it might be wise to consider how much time you have to create your ideal outdoor setting, before deciding on an outdoor location.

Historic Building

The appeal of getting married in a historic building never wanes. The natural charm of the characterful decor provides a classic backdrop for a traditional wedding setting, and is unlikely to need much additional decoration, meaning you can spend your budget elsewhere.

Of course, a historic building typically comes with a variety of ground rules, including noise and time restrictions, as well as limitations on the amount of guests that can be invited. Before booking, it is vital to double check any restrictions imposed, ensuring your day will run smoothly from start to finish.


Hotels can vary dramatically in style, so if you opt for a hotel wedding, you’ll certainly have your pick of a variety of settings that suit both you and your partner.

One distinct advantage of having your wedding in a hotel is that you and your guests are able to stay over night, making this setting highly convenient and practical. Hotels are accustomed to accommodating a wide variety of special requests to make their guests’ stay even more personal, and you will typically be assigned a wedding coordinator to help you plan all aspects of your big day.

Of course, you and your partner may be set on the idea of having a wedding coordinator you are already familiar and comfortable with, so be sure to check with your chosen hotel if this is possible before you make your booking.

With a variety of perfect wedding locations to choose from, it can be difficult to make a solid decision. Weighing up the pros and cons of each venue will help you and your partner decipher what aspects are most important, and which venue will suit your individual style the most.

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