Wedding Bouquet Preservation

With so many plans to organise and decisions to be made in the run up to your big day, it can seem a shame to simply throw items and decorative accessories away, or resign them to the confines of the garage once the wedding day is over.

Let’s take a look at some wedding bouquet preservation ideas and uses for your flowers after your big day.

Decorate Your Thank You Notes

If you and your partner would like to send thank you notes to your guests after your wedding, you might consider drying each of the flowers that you had at your wedding and mounting these onto the thank you note, extending the special memories of your big day to all of your special guests.

Of course, once your flowers have dried, you may consider keeping them as a memory for you and your partner. The exact method of drying your flowers may vary, depending on the type of flowers you have, however, a popular method for robust blooms such as roses and long lasting varieties such as lavender is air-drying.

Donate Your Flowers

Did you know that you could donate your wedding flowers? We’re all familiar with donating our clothes to various charities, but many retirement homes, shelters and nursing homes will accept wedding bouquets as donations.

Give Your Flowers as Favours

Apart from the obvious centrepiece, (the wedding dress) many wedding guests admire the flowers that decorate the wedding ceremony, so why not give them away as favours?

It’s likely that you’ll have too many blooms to take home yourself and if you’re going away on your honeymoon you’ll not have much use to them anyway.

Wedding Bouquet Preservation: Storing Your Flowers

Once dried, many couples place their blooms in a special keepsake box or frame them as a special memory for all to see. Both methods will ensure the flowers are kept in great condition, but the choice is all yours.

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