Unique Twists for Your Wedding

An image of a bright boquet of dried wedding flowers.

If you’re currently in the process of planning your wedding, you may be looking for unique ideas to incorporate into your big day. Read our latest post for some unusual ideas that are set to quickly gain traction in 2019.

Dried Flowers

Although fresh blooms are still very much in favour for many couples, dried flowers have a charm all of their own. The trend for dried flowers is growing in popularity, particularly for those interested in bohemian inspired decor.

If you can’t shake the idea of having a beautiful, fresh bouquet, why not decorate your venue with several dried wild blooms instead? You’ll effortlessly be able to create an enchanting space and points of interest throughout the room, no matter how grand or intimate the venue is.

Gospel Choirs

Many people often save big bands, choirs or musicians for their reception entertainment. However, it comes as no surprise that since the wedding of Meghan and Harry, which featured a beautiful sounding gospel choir, this form of entrance music has begun gaining more and more traction.

If you’re looking for the sound of something a little different as you walk down the aisle, why not check out a few of your local choirs?

Spatula Painted Wedding Cakes

We’ve had minimalist, colourful and uniquely shaped, but now comes spatula painted wedding cakes.

This design has been seen across social media and is making waves, with each design looking as though it has been lifted from a museum painting.

If you’d like your cake to stand out, then it’s definitely worth checking out this eye-catching technique.

Verona Couture

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