Top Tips for a Happy Hen Do

An image a bottle of pink champagne and four glasses on a table that has been decorated for a woman's hen party.

So, you’ve been tasked to put together a fabulous hen party for the bride-to-be and aren’t sure which direction to take. No matter the size of the group, finding an activity that will please everyone and get the bride’s seal of approval is no easy feat.

For our latest post, we take a look at top tips for planning the perfect hen party and gather up some of the most creative ideas to ensure the entire group has a great time.

Think of The Bride

It may sound obvious, but when you’re facing a group of women, each with their own opinion on the hen party, you may be tempted to ask everyone for their input on the celebration. Keep things simple and only ask the bride what she would like to do. Remember that it’s her celebration and she should be the one that feels like a VIP. Too many opinions muddy the waters and could cause issues when you inevitably have to whittle down all the ideas thrown your way.


Communication is key when planning any type of event. Before booking in a date, be sure to ask the bride when she would like to fit the celebration in between her wedding planning, and if there are any guests that she would move the date for if they can’t make it. Understanding the wants of the bride will ensure that you can remain firm if others try to move the date.

Now you have your timeframe, you can begin your search for the best activities for the celebration, knowing which guests can attend.

Party Ideas

Things have come a long way from the typical image that is conjured up upon hearing the phrase “hen party”. If the bride wants an outdoor experience, why not go glamping? For something more physical, a tree-top adventure course or zip lining could be on the cards. If the bride-to-be would prefer something on the ground with a unique twist, cocktail making, cooking classes or a craft day could be just the ticket. Of course, sometimes, nothing beats the relaxation of a spa weekend, which gives all hens the opportunity to adapt their experience with tailored treatments, not to mention some well deserved R&R for the bride.

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