Three Destinations for You to Enjoy the Best Honeymoon

an image of two people toasting champagne glasses

Alongside planning your wedding, you’ll also have to plan your honeymoon. Deciding on the best honeymoon destination for you and your partner can be tricky, especially if you’re both used to holidaying throughout the year or don’t have too much experience in travelling.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, here at Verona Couture, we have put together a list of three unique honeymoon destinations to ensure you enjoy an adventure you’ll never forget.


Wanting to begin your married life with something a little different? How about a honeymoon safari? Zanzibar lies on Kenya’s beautiful coastline and many of the stunning islands are extremely popular destinations to take a honeymoon safari.

When considering a honeymoon safari, it will be necessary to consider the type of accommodation you will sleep in. If you and your partner want to mix in a bit of luxury to your honeymoon, consider staying in a resort or nearby hotel that will offer you comfort and convenience after a day on the safari trail. However, if you are looking to take yourself away from the ordinary, try finding safari trips that offer alternative accommodation, such as yurts or tents. Many safari trips will allow you to customise the features of the trip, helping you and your partner create the best honeymoon for you both.


Looking to do something energetic with your betrothed? Have you ever considered taking an adventure trip to Nepal? With breath-taking scenery and a variety of hiking trails available, an adventure in the mountains could be the best honeymoon option for thrill seekers looking to escape from the ordinary.


After months of organising and planning your wedding, a classic beach holiday could be the best honeymoon for you and your hubby.

If you want to make your beach honeymoon extra special, consider taking a trip to islands that allow you to reserve a section of the beach just for you, such as Honeymoon Beach in the British Virgin Islands.

We hope that this blog post has given you some inspiration. At Verona Couture, we want to make sure that you feel your very best on your wedding day, and we welcome you to come and browse our vast collection of dresses in our stunning boutique.