The Most Romantic Ways to Propose to Your Partner


An image showing male and female hands holding snow moulded in to a love heart shape with a ring inside.

Proposing to your partner is possibly one of the most exciting and nerve wracking experiences you can go through – even if you know they’ll say yes!

At Verona Couture, we want to make everyone feel special on the run up to their big day, from “will you marry me?” to walking down the aisle, and that is why we have put together a list of the most romantic ways to propose to your loved one.

Public Proposal

If your partner loves the spotlight, why not immerse them in that light with a public proposal? You may decide to choose their favourite spot, the place you met, or pop the question after dinner at a 5 star restaurant. However you do it, a public proposal is sure to get the adrenaline going. What a way to share the love you have for your betrothed with the whole world.

Holiday Proposal

The holiday proposal is an ever popular idea, and is definitely up there with some of the most romantic ways to propose. Whether you plan to speak the infamous phrase “will you marry me?” by the sea, up a mountain or on a secluded walking trail, the holiday proposal is sure to leave an everlasting impression for all the right reasons.

For extra romance, why not organise your favourite food and drink to be delivered to the proposal spot?

With the Family

Capture the special moment with your entire family. If you live near a canal, perhaps you could take a boat down the stream and have your friends and family meet you at the dock as you ask the question? Maybe you’ll do it at home after a cosy family meal, or perhaps you’ll orchestrate everyone to be at your favourite spot and appear once you’ve asked the question? However you propose, asking in front of the family is quite possibly one of the most romantic ways to propose to your loved one.

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