Know your neckline


sweetheart neck

A popular dress style which is loved by brides for its feminine and romantic look. A sweetheart neckline forms a natural heart shape across the bust and can either have straps or not. It works with larger busts, showing a hint of cleavage.


illusion neckline 1
An illusion neckline is usually a sheer panel of fabric from the top of the bodice to the neckline. The sheer panel is often made of lace, net, tulle or organza and can have embellishment on it. It gives the impression of a bare area while being covered up. Illusion can also be found on backs of dresses too.


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A strapless dress sits snugly across the bust and under the arms, fastening securely at the back. It’s a classic look and shows off a statement necklace or jewellery.


Named after actress Brigitte, the Bardot neckline sits off the shoulder, with the straps at the top of your arms. It’s a flattering cut that’s great for showing off necklaces.

An asymmetric neckline has a strap on just one side, showing off a little shoulder and bust but remaining modest. Asymmetric necklines don’t always need to have any straps at all and can be structured instead, but a strap on one-shoulder is most common.


The halterneck dress is a sleeveless gown that either has two straps from the bodice that meet at the back of the neck or a high neckline with deep armholes and a backless design. It’s a popular alternative to a strapless dress for modern brides that shows off the shoulders and upper arms.


A scoop neckline is low-cut and in a rounded U-shape. As it’s deep and wide, it’s flattering on most body types as it draws the eye down to lengthen your neck and drawing attention to your collarbones. If you’ve got a large bust, it can be a good way of showing off your cleavage without displaying too much.

Spaghetti Strap

spaghetti straps
Thin straps (resembling spaghetti) are all that holds up the dress on a spaghetti strap gown. These delicate, thin straps give the look of bare shoulders while providing a little bit of support.


120231w__ivory_almond_v neck

A V-neckline is formed by two diagonal lines from the shoulder that meet on the chest, the plunging ‘V-shape’ exposes the neck and chest area. The depth of the plunge will vary from a little notch to gowns with plunging down to your navel. V-necks create the impression of height and are particularly good for apple shapes.


Style well know by Meghan Markle’s wedding dress, a bateau neckline is cut in a straight line from shoulder to shoulder following the collarbone. It’s high at the back and the front so is a great modest neckline that looks fantastic with or without sleeves.

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