Indoor Wedding Ceremony Decor

An image of decor used for an indoor wedding ceremony

All of a sudden it’s September and the nights are drawing in. The colder months mean that many of us are opting for an indoor wedding ceremony, and this means that finding the right decor to personalise the space becomes a priority.

Here at Verona Couture, we have put together a list of unique decor ideas for your indoor wedding ceremony.

Bring the Outside In

If you quite like the idea of an outdoor wedding but don’t wish to take a chance on the much cooler weather of this time of the year, you may consider bringing the outside in with an abundance of foliage and carefully selected accessories.

Consider using foliage that can be wrapped around an arch to the entrance of the aisle, then continuing the same theme along the rows of chairs. Fairy lights or candles may also be added to offset any colours within the foliage and create a romantic atmosphere.


Drapes have the power to immediately transform a space. It can be easy to forget about the decor you plan to add to your venue, and some people immediately disregard an indoor wedding ceremony venue if they aren’t impressed with every aspect of the interior.

Drapes can be hung across walls and ceilings to create an intimate atmosphere and hide features of a space you’re not that fond of. If you’re holding your indoor wedding ceremony in a barn or a location that makes use of beams, drapes may be weaved through the beams to add a classic twist to a rustic space.

You may consider using fairy lights behind the drapes to achieve soft focus lighting.


The lighting you choose can completely change the feel of the ceremony. Instead of using standard lighting that will illuminate the entire space in one particular glow. Consider decorating the space using various forms of lighting for a more relaxed, cosy atmosphere. Lanterns, tea lights, fairy lights and candles positioned in vases of various styles can all illuminate a space very effectively, and provide you with great control over the warmth and brightness of the light. When used across an entire expanse of space, such lighting gives you the flexibility to illuminate certain features of a room, such as the altar.

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