How To Take Inspiration From Pinterest

An image of a woman browsing Pinterest on her laptop to help with wedding planning.

If you’re in the process of planning your wedding, it’s very likely that you’ve taken a look at Pinterest to garner some inspiration – you may have even had a few pins saved from before your wedding planning started. However, despite all its aesthetic greatness, the perfect pins of Pinterest can become a little overwhelming if you don’t have a strategy. Today’s post from Verona Couture reveals top tips on using Pinterest for your wedding planning.

Create Your Boards

Firstly, it’s important to remember that Pinterest is there for inspiration only and should not be used as a tool to put off your actual wedding planning, or to compare your own wedding to others.

Whilst Pinterest boards can be made public, they can also be private, meaning you can keep all your ideas under wraps – you can even share your boards with just a select few people, such as your partner or bridal party.

To begin with, you may find it easier to create a single board – once you see patterns starting to emerge, create subsections, such as flowers, cakes, centrepieces etc. From here, you should have a firm idea of the kind of style that appeals to you the most. If you can, limit yourself to pinning a certain amount of each item, i.e 10 wedding cake styles etc – this will make it a lot easier to streamline later on.


Once your wedding venue is confirmed, you should have a better idea of what you can realistically do with the space. This is the point at which you can begin cutting your pins down and deciding what will really work with the space you have and what won’t.

Remember, it’s perfectly ok to abandon Pinterest the moment you have confirmed ideas in mind. Many couples use Pinterest to provide them with a boost of inspiration in the very initial stages of planning, and then run away with their own creativity. Whatever way you plan, there is no right or wrong way, so long as it works for you.

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