How to Keep Your Wedding Budget Down

A picture of a couple holding hands with the sunset behind them, celebrating on their wedding day after keeping their wedding budget low


Whilst some people are lucky enough to be gifted their wedding by a loved one, others will need to spend a significant amount of time saving up enough money to pay for this important occasion. With average prices for weddings now skyrocketing to around £25,000, it is crucial for any bride to know the key ways you can stop costs from spiralling out of hand. Today, Verona Couture offer five useful suggestions for keeping your wedding budget down:

Stay Strict with the Guest List

As you excitedly sit down to plan who’ll be invited to share in your special day, the number of names can slowly start to get out of control. The most important thing to remember is to not feel pressured into inviting someone to appease another; this is your event and obligatory invites will see your wedding budget grow unnecessarily. Carefully consider which family members and close friends you would like to be present at the ceremony, and then invite the remaining people to join you later in the day at your reception – this may include partners of your guests.

Plan an Off-Season or Mid-Week Wedding

The legal process of getting married comes with many additional costs, many of which people may not be aware; for example, should you decide to get married at a country house, not only do you have to pay for the hire of the venue but also for the services of a registrar. What’s more, venues will charge a premium for hosting a summer wedding and the costs increase further for having your big day on a Saturday. One trick to prevent your wedding budget from getting out of hand is to be flexible with your choice of date; a winter wedding significantly reduces prices, as will a mid-week or Sunday ceremony, although you will need to consider the availability of your guests for these days due to work and family commitments.

Craft Your Own Decorations and Flower Arrangements

Investing in fancy table decorations and elaborately constructed floral centrepieces can take up a vast proportion of your wedding budget. Whilst you may think that these beautiful additions to your wedding can only be achieved by a professional, the truth is that you can create stunning decor pieces with a few budget materials and a little bit of creativity. Wholesalers will be your best friend in this instance, offering inspiration and a variety of low-cost craft tools and decorative equipment. Use mason jars as romantic tealight holders and form beautiful bouquets out of silk ribbon and artificial flowers, which can then be taken home after the wedding and used to brighten up your home.

Make the Most of Connections

If a family, friend, or neighbour is a DJ, plays in a band, or knows someone within the industry, take advantage of this connection and ask if they will perform for you – this can be either a wedding gift or provided at a discounted rate. Don’t be afraid to be cheeky; after all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get a saving on your wedding budget! Similarly for your photographs, we absolutely recommend finding an excellent photographer for your wedding, though there is no harm in asking if they reduce their prices when working mid-week or during the off season.

Protect Your Wedding Budget by Being Drink and Food-Savvy

If you are a generous host and would like to offer your guests some free alcoholic beverages – without adding a costly bar tab to your wedding budget – then we have the solution for you; supply each table with a number of red and white wines as well as a selection of bottled beers and ales. Doing this will provide your guests with a few drinks to enjoy during the toasts, and once these are gone people can make their own purchases from the bar. Keep an eye out for promotions in supermarkets, who may offer a discount when you buy a certain number of bottles or crates, and check that your venue will allow you to bring in your own drinks, as some may only allow alcohol purchased on the premises.

What’s more, it may be worth reconsidering whether to have a sit-down meal for your wedding, as venue catering can be extremely costly and a lot of food may, for various reasons, be left uneaten. Take a different approach to catering by opting for hog roasts or pizza ovens, which are fun, more budget-friendly, and less wasteful alternatives to a formal wedding meal.


Never forget that there is a significant difference between being budget friendly and purchasing cheap, low quality items. When it comes to your wedding budget, one thing is for sure – you can’t put a price on that feeling when you step out in a beautiful wedding dress. Here at Verona Couture, we believe that every bride should feel amazing on her big day, which is why we are committed to finding you that perfect gown. To speak with one of our professional team members, give us a call on 01234 714401 or visit our Olney boutique.