Choosing a Wedding Dress Isn’t Always Child’s Play

We often get asked if children can attend appointments in the boutique, especially mid-week when childcare for the younger ones can often prove difficult.

Put simply, we would strongly recommend that you don’t bring your children if at all possible.

To us grown ups bridal shops are like heaven on a plate, but to children they are really very boring (I’ll try not to take offence – even though I would have probably thought the same as a child).


In our experience children have a 20-minute window of opportunity in the boutique when you can have their attention, they are interested, excited, sitting still and behaving nicely. However, appointments can last for 2 hours, not 20 minutes, so what happens for the rest of the appointment? Well, while some children are incredibly well behaved and a credit to their parents, let me run through the top 5 instances where boredom got the better of them and the children ended up ruling the roost:

  1. Our changing room curtains have nearly been pulled down and the tracks coming with them from children running round and round the curtains tugging them along the way, I can only assume to practice their Maypole dancing.
  2. Children see trains like we see a ‘Do Not Press’ button. Parents and guardians will often say to children in the shop ‘don’t go near the dress! Don’t touch the dress! Don’t step on the train!’ Well, this is like a red rag to a bull. We’ve had children hiding under trains while the bride is standing in it (not once have I been invited to join in the game of hide and seek). Even when the children are being pulled away from the vicinity of the dress they somehow manage to just get a foot on the train and the achievement is overwhelming, I can almost hear the internal monologue ‘YES! *Mini fist-pump* I did it!’
  3. The game of hide and seek just cranked up a notch – clambering into the dress rails to hide behind the dresses – ARGH! We actually lost a child once who found her way to the back of our rails, I never did find out if she made it to Narnia.
  4. Narnia aside, the shop isn’t actually a playground, yet children seem to find our stairs a lot of fun. It gives me palpitations just thinking about what could happen.
  5. Finally, the award for the most bored child in a bridal shop has to go to our 2-year old peeping Tom who escaped his mothers clutches to wander into another changing room. ‘Mortified’ doesn’t even come close!

Children 5 – 0 Verona Couture


Choosing a wedding dress should be an enjoyable occasion, not a challenge, use it as an excuse to have some much valuable ‘me-time’.


If childcare is an issue and the little ones have to come with you make sure they have something to occupy them, some toys or books, anything but felt-tip pens! Also make sure that someone is with you who can attend to the children without your attention wavering away from the dresses. Above all else please remember that unattended children will be given an espresso and a free kitten!

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