Buying Your Bridesmaid Dresses


An image of three bridesmaids wearing three different Sorella Vita bridesmaids dresses.

Whether you need bridesmaid dresses in a hurry or have a whole year until your big day, there are some top tips you can follow to ensure that all bridesmaids feel comfortable in the dresses they are wearing.

Decisions, Decisions

Although hearing the opinions of your bridesmaids is helpful when it comes to choosing the dresses, having too many people sharing links, screenshots and colour palettes in the group chat can become stressful and time-consuming to keep on top of.

If you have a large group of bridesmaids, consider the colour of the dresses you would like them to wear and a few styles you’re happy with, before asking them for their input. By doing this, everyone is aware of your vision for the dresses and shouldn’t veer too far off track when the ideas begin flowing.

Check Your Measurements

Bridesmaid dresses don’t typically come in standard sizes, so it is important that all of your bridesmaids get professionally measured, prior to purchasing the dresses. When it comes to dresses, it is easier to take them in, rather than let them out, so if your bridesmaids are between sizes, it may be better to go up a size, if the dresses aren’t being made to measure.

Body Shape

Everyone has a slightly different body shape and certain silhouettes will suit each shape differently. If all of your bridesmaids have a different body shape and you don’t seem to be able to come to a decision on a dress everyone feels comfortable wearing, you could always opt for the same colour dress in different styles. Choosing a few different designs can look great in photos and ensure your bridal party really stands out from the crowd.

Verona Couture – Sorella Vita Bridesmaid Dresses

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