Autumn Wedding Decor

An image a pair of wedding shoes in autumn wedding leaves.

When you think of autumn, there are a few things that may spring to mind, changing leaves, crisp air and cosy log fires are just a few. The warm colours of autumn make for a perfectly romantic backdrop and this is just one of the reasons that this time of the year makes for a beautiful wedding.

If you’re having your wedding ceremony inside, but would like to bring some autumnal magic into the space, read the latest blog post from Verona Couture.

Natural Elements

The rustic charm of autumn works perfectly with the vintage aesthetic that has been ever popular over the last few years.

Bringing in natural elements to the space is a great way to bring the outside in. Consider using slate or wood placemats and using fresh, warm-toned flowers or natural leaf and berry arrangements for your centrepieces, rather than novelty items.

A venue that has the benefit of bare brick or original beams will work especially well for an autumn wedding. To offset such period features, you may add natural elements, such as ivy to decorate the backs of wooden chairs and windows.

Warm Colours

Warm colours are synonymous with autumn. There is something about the burnt oranges, warm reds and cosy, natural browns that create a wonderfully inviting atmosphere.

When used against neutral tones, these colours create the ultimate autumn wedding backdrop, without being overpowering.

If you’re wearing a white or ivory dress, rich, deep autumn tones, will act as the perfect bouquet against the crispness of the dress, whilst snippets of these tones may also be subtly used in the dainty headpieces or accessories of your bridal party.


The lighting of a space can completely transform the atmosphere. Warm lighting is essential for an autumn wedding, especially if the ceremony will be held as the natural light outside begins to fade.
Of course, not all venues will have the typical log fire that may come to mind when you consider autumn, however, that is not to say that you can’t recreate the romance of this feature. Use candles of varying heights on tables or window ledges around the room. If you are not able to use candles in your venue for safety reasons, look out for fake candles that come complete with a flickering wick to give a natural appearance.

Warmly toned fairy lights can also be wrapped around beams or within flower displays on each table for a magical atmosphere.

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