Alternative Wedding Themes for Your Big Day

A picture showing a flower adorned table at a country wedding, one idea for alternative wedding themes


These days, there is a lot of pressure to ensure that your wedding really stands out from the crowd. What’s most important to remember, however, is that this special occasion should reflect you as a couple, and shouldn’t be determined by others; your guests will find your big day memorable purely for being able to share your love and happiness. That being said, there’s nothing to stop you from straying from the traditional path and choosing something a bit different for your wedding. Below, Verona Couture offers fun and creative ideas for alternative wedding themes:


Film and TV Wedding Themes

If a certain film franchise or TV series holds a special place in your heart, why not use them for inspiration? Add in hints and suggestions that allude to your chosen novel or series, or just drop all pretence of subtlety and go for a full blowout theme that encompasses the decorations, flowers, cake, music, and even the venue. Some examples include:

Harry Potter – the UK boasts many stunning wedding venues, including breath-taking castles and homes. For this theme, look for locations that can emulate Hogwarts castle, or alternatively find a venue that promotes a feeling of magic and adventure. Send out scrolls as your wedding invitations and use phials of potions and quills as table centrepieces. Photo booths provide a great source of entertainment for guests and leave them with a little token to remember the day, therefore, provide them with props such as a sorting hat, Harry Potter glasses, wands, and house scarves.

Doctor Who – many science fictions lovers will undoubtedly relish the opportunity to introduce Doctor Who into their big day. Opt for a cobalt blue colour scheme for your bridesmaid dresses and flowers, use mini Daleks for your cake topper or request a wedding cake in the shape of the Tardis. Print off small pictures of the different alien races featured in the show and use these as name cards for your tables.

Era-Based Wedding Themes

Wedding themes based on specific decades give your guests a fantastic opportunity to get dressed up, reminisce on good times, and perhaps even get a little nostalgic. Plan your food around the era to get a really authentic experience, such as gelatin-based desserts for the 60s, pineapple chicken and quiche for the 70s, and finger food and vol-au-vents for the 80s. Pick a playlist that reflects the music of the time, or, even better, find a local band that knows the best hits of your chosen decade. Moreover, trivia cards about the different TV shows and celebrities who defined the era encourage competitive fun and are a brilliant option for keeping friends and loved ones entertained throughout the day.

Mediterranean Dream

If you dream of blue skies, rolling green hills, and gorgeous Italian vineyards, why not consider wedding themes based on nature? You can create your very own idyllic Mediterranean setting within a converted barn, ideally with lots of surrounding woodland for great photo opportunities. Drape tulle across the ceiling and intertwine this with softly twinkling fairy lights to cast a romantic glow around the room. Use wooden tables and chairs to create a rustic feel and decorate with wildflowers, which can also be used for your bouquet and to adorn your hair. A delicate lace wedding dress epitomises an enchanting country wedding, as do crisp linens in soft, creamy colours.


From choosing between so many different wedding themes to booking a venue, to arranging the flowers and cake, there are lots of factors to consider when planning your wedding. One thing you don’t need to worry about, however, is finding that perfect dress. Browse through our stunning range of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses online or head on down to the Verona Couture boutique in Olney for that personal shopping service. If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to ring us on 01234 714401 or complete our online form.