Affordable DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

A picture of a newly married couple who, as part of their planning, found affordable DIY wedding favours


There’s something really special about a homemade item; knowing someone has put in their thought, time, and effort to make something bespoke really makes that gift even more personal.

Weddings are a costly business and understandably you will want to save money where possible, therefore there is really no better time to get crafty than when it comes to your favours!
Verona Couture wants to help ease the stress of wedding planning for our customers, therefore we have put together examples of affordable DIY wedding favour ideas that are fun, inexpensive and easy to make.

Handmade Biscuits

Many supermarkets across Northampton, Bedford, and Milton Keynes now stock a versatile range of baking ingredients and accessories such as sugar flowers, gold dusting powder, and sprinkles at reasonable prices, meaning you can get really creative in the kitchen with your bridesmaids. There are lots of recipes online for a basic biscuit dough recipe, all you need to do is choose your favourite cookie cutter, follow the instructions and you’re away! Save time and effort by purchasing ready-made icing so that you can focus wholly on decorating your biscuits. Display your delicious treats in a bag made from a cellophane sheet and tie this together with a ribbon that matches the colour scheme of your wedding.

Teacup Candles

Our next suggestion for an affordable DIY wedding favour looks stunning and is really simple to create. Hunt around car boot sales and charity shops to find vintage teacups and saucers; the more variety the better as this will make the gift even more unique to each person.

Place the metal disc of your wick in the centre of your teacup, then wrap the other end around a pencil and lay this across the brim of the cup so that your wick is stood upright. Next, take some soy wax, cut it up and melt it in a bowl that has been set in hot water. Once this has turned to liquid, let it cool slightly before adding your preferred scented oil and colour. Finally, pour it into your teacup – ensuring you leave a small space at the top – and voila! A bespoke teacup candle.

Personalised Mason Jar Mugs

Mason jar mugs make a quirky and fun gift for your guests and require little to no work on your part, which we definitely think is a bonus. Head down to your local wholesalers as they will often stock inexpensive mason jars that will be even cheaper when purchased in bulk. Use paint markers to decorate each mug with the name of each guest, or, alternatively, write a special/funny note for each person and pop this inside of the jar.

Charity Donation

Sometimes having a diverse range of people attending your wedding means that you may struggle to find an affordable and DIY wedding favour that will suit all tastes. In cases such as these, why not do something different?

If you have a charity that is close to your heart – whether this is a national organisation or somewhere local – then why not make a donation to your chosen charity in lieu of a favour? Print out a card for each table that explains what that particular organisation means to you and that you have donated money to their cause. You can also use the card to inform your guests that they too can reciprocate the donation.


Feel like you’ve decided on an affordable DIY wedding favour but still haven’t found that perfect dress? Just head on down to our Olney store where our friendly, expert team are waiting to help you find that breathtaking dress of your dreams. You can also speak to us by calling on 01234 714401 or by completing our online form.